Podere Montisi

Località Pratello 7 - 50041 Calenzano (FI)

The AZ. Agricola and Bioagriturismo Podere Montisi is an organic-dynamic farm located in the agricultural Archaeological Park of Travalle. Podere Montisi specialises in the cultivation of ancient grains, olive trees, aromatic herbs and ancient fruit in the heart of Travalle, a place that has remained untouched on the edge of civilization, a true paradise of authentic Tuscany. The total 14 hectares on which the company develops are dedicated to cultivation, while the remainder is occupied by Bosco and Cipresseta. The Agriturismo welcomes nature lovers and connoisseurs of environmental sustainability from all over the world. The farmhouse dating from the 16th century has been restructured according to ancient and modern criteria of bio-architecture. The building has a very low environmental impact because photovoltaic panels have been adopted to generate electricity, rainwater is harvested for irrigated purposes, a biomass boiler heats the house, with compost is Fertiled the garden. Natural lime, casein paints and materials, terracotta and stone were used for recovery.
The farm offers workshops and seminars, on various issues concerning self-production. The bread is prepared with sourdough and with flours of our ancient grains stone in the farm.
The company territory is surveyed in the lists of the network NATURA 2000 and ANPIL Monti of Calvana as a site of community interest, which contributes significantly to the preservation of the biodiversity of the region in which it is located, according to the established By the Governing Council of the European Community, where natural habitats and protected species of animals and plants are found.
Podere Montisi is written in the regional register of organic producers and has obtained from the Tuscan region the task of keeper of the plant species germplasm for the preservation in situ of 3 varieties of quince and a variety of soft wheat, the ” Our own white “, all local varieties at risk of genetic extinction. http://germoplasma.arsia.toscana.it/Germo/.
Podere Montisi offers on reservation rural hospitality including shelter for wayfarers, animals, and cycles.
Large garden, wood, 2 bedrooms, fully equipped kitchen, living room with panoramic view, 5 beds, 2 bathrooms complete with shower, refined Tuscan décor, private parking, Wi-Fi, radio and so much relaxation…. more


We produce the following products:
-Extra virgin olive oil
-Organic Pasta of ancient Tuscan grains
-Organic flours of ancient Tuscan grains milled in stone with our mill
-Tuscan Herbs/officinal Kitchen
-Wild boar Sauces
-Organic bread of ancient grains

Structure type: Agriturismo

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