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Via Archiano, 18 52010 Badia Prataglia (AR)

Located in Badia Prataglia (AR), in the heart of the Casentino Forest National Park, the Coop. Oros was founded in 2001 and for nearly twenty years has been offering services within the ENVIRONMENTAL, CULTURAL, EDUCATIONAL and TOURISM sectors. The staff of the collaborators is formed by professionals with different training and experiences: environmental excursion guides recognized by the Tuscan region, experts in environmental education, knowledge and promotion of the territory, tourist reception, Able to propose and provide highly qualified proposals and services. The name Oros etymologically indicates the sacred mountain. The territory in which it intends to operate the cooperative is in fact characterized by many mystical places that have marked the history of Casentino in general and the National Park of Forests Casentinesi in particular: from the sacred Mount of Verna where St. Francis He received the stigmata, from Mount Falterona with the lake of Idols, whose mystery still evokes suggestion and interest to the visitor, the hermitage of Camaldoli also arose on a mountain as a place of prayer, reflection and hospitality.

Structure Type: Tourist Services Cooperative

Cooperativa Oros Via Archiano, 18 52010 Badia Prataglia (AR)
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