Lonely Planet awards “Le Vie di Dante”

Lonely Planet, the Travelers’ Bible, in its world report on must-see destinations has identified Le Vie di Dante, the only Italian destination! Le Vie di Dante stand out in the sustainability category as a model of slow tourism (lonelyplanetitalia.it/best-in-travel).

Le Vie di Dante are dedicated to the places that the great poet crossed during his exile, between Tuscany and Romagna. For the 2021 edition, the fifteenth, Best in Travel has reorganized its categories: “places and people who demonstrate a genuine commitment to the community, diversity and sustainability. We have made room for those who are an example to follow, without distinction between places, institutions, associations or private citizens”.

A great opportunity for our slow itinerary with its various forms – by bike, on foot or by train along the ancient Faenza/Florence railway route – given that Best in Travel has a reach of two billion people, of which 18 million on the Italian track channels. This opportunity will also include the promotion of the many initiatives between Emilia Romagna and Tuscany on the occasion of the seven hundred years since Dante’s death, from the extraordinary art exhibitions in Ravenna and Forlì to the Days dedicated to the myth of Paolo and Francesca in Rimini.

Le Vie di Dante are a slow itinerary between art and culture, craftsmanship, food and wine and nature, to discover ancient palaces, Romanesque churches, small villages, artisan shops and much more. In addition to the “obligatory” stops (from the Florentine Baptistery of San Giovanni to Dante’s tomb in Ravenna), there is no lack of original suggestions, such as the visit to the 33 famous Dante tombstones in the Medieval Quarter of Florence, trekking to the Hermitage of Gamogna (in the Marradi area), the stop in the Tanaccia Cave in the Vena del Gesso of Brisighella or the visit to Palazzo Milzetti in Faenza.

For each of the 7 municipalities along which the “Vie” stretch, there is no shortage of tasty ideas and food and wine suggestions, thanks to traditional dishes and typical products.

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