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The Roads of Dante

On the trail of the great poet
in the Apennines between Romagna and Tuscany

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The Initiative

The Roads of Dante consist of a priceless historical site, made accessible by a renewed synergy between Emilia Romagna and Tuscany, which resulted in an interregional project and a comprehensive accommodations and services offer capable of satisfying the needs of tourists who are no longer satisfied simply visiting, but instead seek a more intense vacation experience, while capturing the typical local characteristics. Thanks to this project, which is based on collaboration, participation and dialogue, Dante’s journey from Florence to Ravenna crossing the Apennines between Romagna and Tuscany, becomes a tourist product with the perfectly slow-paced merging of culture and nature, thus fulfilling tourists’ new attitude to arrive at a form of integration that makes their stay more and more pleasant and lively.

Visit all the cities

The Road of Dante tourist offerings concern the seven Municipalities of Florence, Scarperia and San Piero, Borgo San Lorenzo, Marradi, Faenza, Brisighella, and Ravenna with their heritage of monuments, tradition, identity, and food and wine.

Retracing and visiting the places where the greatest Italian poet lived in exile, thus becomes a unique travel experience, among ancient palaces, Romanesque churches, small villages, museums and libraries, craft shops, and unspoiled nature. Visitors can climb on the “little train” linking Faenza to Florence via Marradi, ride a bike along the ancient Via Faentina, or trek through one of the many trekking routes between the provincial territories of Ravenna and Florence

The Roads of Dante

Two regions are enhanced and merge within the routes of the Roads of Dante, amplifying their common features including warmth, authenticity, people’s spontaneity, their innate propensity for hospitality, good living and conviviality, the evocative and timeless charm of the places, the ability to combine tradition and innovation, culture and fun, quality and affordability.

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